Motorcycle Dyno: Why you should test your bike

A motorcycle dyno – dynamometer – is a big piece of kit that gives you a real insight into how your bike is running.

It measures torque and brake horsepower (BHP) at different revs and essentially uncovers any running issues under the fairings of your motorcycle.

On top of that it also gives you a true indication of how much of an impact your tinkering has had on the power your bike’s packing because it turns out, those new cans may not have helped performance and those race tyres may have lowered your BHP.

We visited Hermann Custom Bike in Norwich an approved Dyno Jet Tuning centre to see their dyno in action, as well as to speak to Zsolt Hermann about the importance of dynos in the upkeep and maintenance of your motorbike.

And it’s not just sportsbikes that can benefit from a turn on the dyno either, mopeds, supermotos, classics and cruisers can all run on the dyno.

We also got a first hand glimpse – and perforated ear drums – of a Suzuki GSXR 1000 and a Ducati Panigale 1199 being put through their paces on the rolling road.