Motorcycle Track Days for Beginners

Taking a motorbike out on a race track may seem like it’s a million miles away for someone who’s only just got their CBT, but it shouldn’t.

That’s the conclusion we came to at The Bike Insurer after a track day with RST, Bridgestone and Fast Bikes magazine showed us the worth of one-on-one tuition for your riding skills.

What are the benefits?

Once riders in the UK grab their CBT, which is doable after one day of riding, you can go out on the road and ride as long as the bike you’re on is 125cc or under, you’ve got L-plates and you’re 16 or over.

That means that the majority of your learning will take place on the road and while that’s the case for the majority of motorcycle riders, there are other options available to improve your skill set alongside general road riding.

And track days are the perfect opportunity for you to learn from an experienced instructor without the distractions that you’d usually find on the road.

You don’t need to check your speedo, you don’t need to check your blindspot and you don’t need to worry about drivers pulling out on you. All you need to think about is your riding.

Is it available to anyone?

As you’ll hear one of the instructors from the day at the Llandow circuit say on the video, the track is there for everyone to ride, enjoy and improve on.

Here’s what one member of The Bike Insurer team had to say about taking to the race track as a complete beginner.