VIDEO: Bike Tours for the Wounded

Bike Tours for the Wounded is a non-profit organisation set up to support injured armed service personnel who have experienced a career or life threatening injury in the line of duty.

The aim of the organisation is to aid the rehabilitation of injured servicemen and women by getting them out on a bike to experience a road trip, providing a break from whatever rehab they are going through.

The fundraising model is simple; the group organises motorcycle tours, riders sign up and pay for the tour but agree to take a wounded serviceman or woman on the back of their bike for the duration of their trip.

Their tours go all around the globe, with eye catching road trips in the United States of America and through Normandy.

We spoke to Mark Lamplough, fundraising co-ordinator at Bike Tours for the Wounded to learn more about the organisation and the role it plays in the rehabilitation of injured service personnel.