VIDEO: The Life Of An Ace Café Legend

The Bike Insurer was at London’s Ace Café this weekend, where we took the chance to have a chat with Ace Café legend, Trini.

One of the café’s most well-known faces, Trini has appeared in multiple books and movies and is an original member of the 59 club (so-called because it was founded in 1959).

He describes how the club was started by a local vicar, who would encourage boys in the area to get into motorcycles in order to keep them out of trouble.

Trini’s been riding since the club was formed nearly 60 years ago, when his first bike was a BSA C11G (although he also rode a Racing Triumph Tiger Cub when he was learning).

Trini spent his youth racing a pushbike round a bomb site near his childhood home in Deptford, South-East London and first got into motorcycles at around eight years old, when he would ride his bicycle near a local speedway track and was drawn in by the smell of racing oil, which he describes as being ‘like a fever’.

Next weekend will see the Ace Café reunion take place, where over 2,000 bikers are expected to celebrate over three days.

There are ride-outs planned for Friday and Saturday, ending with the annual ride to Brighton on Sunday, where there will be trade stands, special guests, and live music for everyone to enjoy at the free event.