Scooter & Moped Insurance

All scooters and mopeds need specialist scooter and moped insurance, The Bike Insurer compares quotes for moped and scooter insurance to find the best policies at the best prices. Whether you’re a new rider or a long-time enthusiast, you’ll know that scooters and mopeds are the first name in convenience and reliability; these trusty machines deserve great insurance cover.

They may have small engines, but this doesn’t stop 50cc scooters being great for commuting (making nipping through city traffic a dream). Alternatively, they’re also great for pursuing that ‘Italian youth cruising the streets of Milan on a stylish Vespa’ dream…

Now to the moped; ideal for beginners, helping young riders gain that ultimate, prized freedom when taking to the roads alone. Young people often find that getting insurance for the first time can be confusing and expensive, but that need not be the case. At The Bike Insurer, we find and compare insurance quotes to find the best insurance policy for you. So not only will you receive a cheap insurance quote, you will also save both time and money. Now we can’t say fairer than that!

So, if you’re searching for Moped or Scooter insurance, find it quickly and easily at