Comprehensive Insurance Cover

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Comprehensive insurance is as good as it gets when it comes down to cover for your motorbike.

As the name suggests, it’s the most complete and wide-reaching form of insurance, covering you for almost any incident that may occur on UK roads.

What’s included in Comprehensive cover for motorcycles?

A Comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy in the UK will pay-out for third party damages and injuries, if your motorbike is stolen or destroyed by fire, and will pay for damage to your own bike. And all of this is regardless of whose fault the accident was.

Is Comprehensive motorcycle insurance expensive?

Despite being the most wide-ranging motorcycle insurance policy available, comprehensive insurance isn’t always the most expensive option.

Generally however, because there are more occasions when your insurer could be required to pay out when compared to Third Party Only and Third Party Fire and Theft, Comprehensive insurance is the most expensive.

But that doesn’t mean that Comprehensive insurance policies should be ignored; it could save you paying out more money further down the line in the event of an incident that isn’t covered by Third Party or Third Party Fire and Theft insurance.

Does Comprehensive insurance cover extras?

Despite the name, Comprehensive insurance doesn’t quite cover everything. Pillion insurance, helmet and leathers, and breakdown cover are additional extras that will still need to be added to your Comprehensive insurance policy if you want them.

How to get Comprehensive bike insurance?

The search for Comprehensive motorbike insurance is straightforward on The Bike Insurer.

When you complete our simple quote process, we will compare Comprehensive insurance prices from some of the UK’s leading motorcycle insurers, helping you to get cheap Comprehensive motorbike insurance. If you plump for another level of insurance cover, you can also browse those options on our results page.

And if you find a cheaper quote anywhere else online, we guarantee to beat it.

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