Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance

Compare comprehensive motorbike insurance quotes for coverage that gives you peace of mind.

Comprehensive motorbike insurance is the most complete level of insurance coverage you can get for a motorcycle.

It does exactly what its name suggests, providing you with insurance for almost any incident you can be involved in on UK roads and helping you to foot the bill for damage that comes about because of them.

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What is comprehensive motorbike insurance?

There are three main levels of motorbike insurance and comprehensive is the most wide-reaching, insuring you for both third and first party damages and injuries.

The other two levels are third party only and third party, fire & theft. These types of insurance only provide coverage for damages or injuries that are caused to third parties on the road, with third party, fire & theft also bundling in coverage for fire damage and theft of your own vehicle.

What does comprehensive insurance cover?

Comprehensive motorbike insurance includes the coverage that third party, fire & theft insurance offers while also adding on protection against the cost of damages caused to you or your bike from road incidents, no matter who was at fault.

This means that, if you’re in a road incident that’s covered under your comprehensive policy, you’ll not only be able to claim for the damage caused to third parties but also to yourself. If your motorbike needs repairing after a crash that was your fault, for example, a comprehensive policy would allow you to make a claim while you’d be left to pay for it yourself under a third party policy.

It’s also the only type of motorbike insurance that’ll provide cover for road incidents that don’t involve another road user at all and other types of damage, such as from flooding.

Is comprehensive motorbike insurance expensive?

Given that fully comprehensive policies provide the highest level of coverage, you’d think they’d be the most expensive type of insurance in all cases. However, it’s not always that simple.

In fact, comprehensive insurance can sometimes be less expensive than third party only or third party, fire & theft. This could be explained by a rise in the traditionally cheaper third party policies being taken out by high-risk riders, creating a direct link between non-comprehensive policies and claim risk.


How do I decide what level of coverage to choose?

Deciding what level of insurance coverage is right for you is a personal choice. If you want to get the highest level of coverage possible then it’s likely that comprehensive insurance will be best, but it still could come at a higher price than the other options.

Does comprehensive motorbike insurance cover extras?

This can vary from insurer to insurer but, generally, comprehensive insurance doesn’t include any of the optional insurance extras that you can add on to policies. This means that pillion cover, breakdown cover, European riding cover, and other insurance extras will still come at an extra cost.

Can I make comprehensive insurance cheaper?

You can work towards getting a cheaper comprehensive bike insurance premium in the same way as with any other type of bike insurance. Popular methods include reducing the amount of mileage you ride, building a no claims bonus, and getting security for your bike such as an electronic immobiliser.

However, it should be noted that nothing is guaranteed to bring down the price of your insurance, as it’s calculated on a case by case basis.