Editorial Process

Providing reliable and trustworthy content from experts

We’ve been in the insurance price comparison industry for a while now. In fact, we were the first website in the UK to focus solely on comparing insurance policy prices for motorbikes when we launched way back in 2006. So we like to think that we know a thing or two about how it all works!

We’re also passionate about motorbikes and bikers, so we often write content that we think will be useful for our customers. For example, we could be giving tips on how you could secure the best insurance quotation you can, providing helpful riding advice or even giving information on the best routes for your European road trips. No matter what we publish, we work hard to make sure the information we provide is accurate and tested. That’s why everything we do goes through a robust and repeatable process. It looks something like this.

1. Sourcing

We source our content in various ways. It could be written internally by one of our staff or it could be delivered through one of the various relationships we have with external providers, consultants, or like-minded businesses that we work with from time to time. Wherever it comes from we insist on the content being fact-checked and, where possible, sourced from more than one place. It’s also created with the end-user in mind, so we avoid using insurance industry jargon or confusing technical terms to make things sound more complicated than they really are. We also credit any external information providers such as websites, databases, or research that we’ve used to construct the content so that our customers can get the source data if they want to. At the end of this process, we’ll have a draft of what it is we want to publish.

2. Internal review

The next step is an internal review of the content by a senior employee of our company. In fact, there are 2 internal reviews by 2 different people, the second of whom works for a different company in our wider Group and so brings a genuine 3rd person perspective to the content. There’s usually a bit of back and forth in this stage to make the content as useful as possible before it moves on to step 3.

3. Review by a specialist

Depending on the type of content, we may ask a specialist to review it. We’re lucky to work within a large multinational insurance group that has, literally, thousands of employees so we’re able to call on specialists in many fields to provide that extra level of expert oversight before publication.

4. Compliance

As we operate exclusively in the UK marketplace, our activities are subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and there are lots of rules we have to comply with to ensure that what we say and do is fair, clear and not misleading. So, in the last review stage of our process, our Compliance function have the opportunity to oversee the final draft of our content to ensure it meets the latest consumer rules and guidance. Once we have the green light here we’re ready to publish, but if not the content could go right back to stage one and the process starts again.

5. Final review and publishing

Finally, once everyone’s happy, the content is set on our website (a process which inevitably involves further review) before the big green button marked “publish” is pushed. There isn’t actually a big green button, but it would be cool if there was!