Honest Yamaha motorcycle reviews from customers who compared motorbike insurance quotes using The Bike Insurer. Find out what it’s really like to live with a Yamaha!

Why Choose a Yamaha Motorbike?

Here’s a little Yamaha heritage for anyone searching for competitive Yamaha motorbike insurance.

Founded by Japanese watchmaker Torakusu Yamaha in 1887 and originally named Nippon Gakki, the Yamaha Company started life making pianos and reed organs – and even now retains the three tuning fork logo from back then.

In the years after the Second World War, the company realised the growing need for affordable transportation – and in 1955 the first Yamaha motorised product, the YA-1 Motorcycle, a 125cc, 2-stroke, single-cylinder street bike was developed. Also known as the “Red Dragonfly,” this motorcycle proved so popular that the Yamaha Motor Company was formed.

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What’s going on with Yamaha now?

Today, what began as a company producing simple and inexpensive machines has blossomed, ranking second only to Honda as the leading Japanese manufacturer in the UK.

The manufacturer offers what some consider to be the best sport bikes, cruisers and off-road bikes available on the market. But whether Yamahas are the best in your opinion is a bit beside the point, because the sales figures speak for themselves!

Where can I get Yamaha motorbike insurance quotes?

You can compare insurance quotes with The Bike Insurer and pick from the cheapest prices available.

And no matter what Yamaha model you own, The Bike Insurer will be able to help you find a great insurance deal.

Yamaha motorbike rider reviews

Yamaha is one of the most known and trusted motorcycle manufacturers worldwide but this doesn’t mean it’s definitely going to be what you’re looking for.