Classic Bike Insurance

Retro-style motorbikes are extremely popular in the UK at the moment but some lucky people own the originals.

If you spot a classic motorbike on the road, you’ll notice that they’re normally in mint condition, and that has favourable insurance repercussions for you.

What’s different about classic motorbike insurance?

Classic motorbikes are old and to have survived for more than 30 years on the road you need to have taken good care of them.

Insurers are aware of that and take it into account when calculating the cost of your classic insurance premium.

Statistically, classic bike owners are less likely to make insurance claims, while thieves aren’t necessarily interested in classics because of the difficulties involved in selling them on.

As a result, classic motorbike insurance is generally cheaper than standard insurance policies but they do often come with reduced mileage allowances because they are not normally used for everyday travel.

Can classic bike insurance ever be more expensive?

The only thing against classic motorbikes when it comes to insurance is the difficulty and expense involved in sourcing spare parts for returns.

What makes a classic motorbike?

Generally, classic motorbikes are those machines that were built and registered before 1982, making them at least 30 years old, however, some younger models are also included.

As is the case with most things in insurance, whether your bike is classified as a classic depends on your insurer. Be sure to check with them when buying your insurance.

How to get classic bike insurance

At The Bike Insurer you can compare quotes from a panel of motorcycle insurers. You can cover a classic bike with a standard insurance policy but if you are looking for a specialist classic motorbike policy please call 0330 022 7850.

Different insurers provide different terms and policies so it’s important that as well as looking for the cheapest policy, you look for the one that suits you and your classic bike best.

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Very good price & excellent service

Roy, 18th November 2020

Good value for your money with brake down cover and friendly people with an easy internet service for new clients like me.

David, 18th November 2020