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50cc mopeds, bikes and scooters are some of the most popular in the industry because they appeal to new and young riders.

On The Bike Insurer, we receive thousands of insurance quote requests each month for small capacity bikes, which is why we take finding the best 50cc motorbike insurance prices seriously.

What is a 50cc?

A 50cc moped, bike or scooter is a two-wheeler with a small capacity engine.

Usually, their top speed is limited to between 30mph and 40mph, and they are generally automatic, meaning they’re quite easy to ride for beginners.

Why choose a 50cc motorbike?

50cc motorbikes, mopeds and scooters are incredibly popular among new and young riders – that’s because they’re some of the cheapest vehicles to buy, insure and run. But as well as their affordability, 50cc mopeds, bikes and scooters also provide one of the easiest routes to getting on the road for young people in the UK.

In fact, they can be ridden by anyone over the age of 16, as long as they have completed their Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). You’ll need to wear Learner plates to ride a 50cc bike without a full licence but once you’re 17 you can take that and ditch the L-plates.

Are 50cc bikes just for new riders?

Not at all, 50cc bikes, particularly mopeds and scooters, are extremely popular with all age brackets.

Undoubtedly lower insurance costs, lower running costs and convenience make small capacity scooters and bikes popular but some of them are also pretty cool.

From stylish Italian Vespas to sporty-looking Peugeots and race replica Hondas, 50cc bikes offer lots of versatility to suit most riders.

How can I get 50cc motorbike insurance?

Getting insurance for your 50cc moped, bike or scooter is straightforward and can be extremely affordable when compared to larger capacity bikes.

And the best way to get the cheapest 50cc bike insurance quotes is by comparing prices from as many different brokers as possible – something you can do easily on The Bike Insurer.

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Very good price & excellent service

Roy, 18th November 2020

Good value for your money with brake down cover and friendly people with an easy internet service for new clients like me.

David, 18th November 2020