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Compare 50cc insurance quotes and get big coverage for your small engine.

50cc motorbikes, mopeds, or scooters are the perfect bike type to get started with. Their small engines cap their speeds, you can ride them from 16 years old, and they’re easy to operate. Finding a great deal on 50cc motorbike insurance for your two-wheeler is simple too when you compare quotes with The Bike Insurer.

What are 50cc bikes?

The smallest engine size widely available in road-legal vehicles, 50cc engines are used in beginner motorcycles, mopeds, and small scooters. They’re not the fastest bikes in the world, but they’re perfect for getting around on, especially if you’re only just starting out.

Usually capping out at around 40mph top speed and often using a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which means no gear changes required, 50cc motorbikes are about as simple to ride as a motorcycle can get.

They’re ideal for beginners, mainly because you can ride them on the road from the age of 16 without a full driving licence. All you need to do to be road legal on a 50cc bike, moped, or scooter is:

Insuring a 50cc bike

With a provisional licence

Although you don’t need to have a full driving licence to ride a 50cc bike, you do still need valid insurance. Luckily, because of their small engines, 50cc motorbikes are generally cheap to insure.

Even as a young and inexperienced rider with a provisional driving licence, you’ll probably find that 50cc bike insurance is affordable. It can get even cheaper too, with more riding experience, no-claims bonuses, and additional training all usually bringing down your premium.

You can ride a 50cc bike indefinitely without ever getting a full licence, as long as you make sure to redo your CBT every two years.

Riding with a provisional licence does have a few limitations though, including that you must display learner plates at all times, can’t drive on motorways, and can’t carry passengers.

With a full driving licence

If you go on to get a full driving licence after passing your CBT, you should see the cost of your insurance come down even further as you’re seen as a more competent rider.

You’ll also finally be able to get rid of your L plates and carry passengers, as long as your bike is able to.

However, if you’re not planning on moving on from 50cc-125cc bikes for a while and aren’t worried about wearing L plates, decide whether it’s worth spending the additional money on getting your full driving licence.


Do I need insurance for a 50cc bike?

Yes! You require insurance for any vehicle that you will be driving on roads to cover, at the very least, third party damage or injuries.

What’s usually included in a 50cc motorbike insurance policy?

What coverage your policy will include depends on what you’re looking for. All policies will cover third party damage and injury, but you can also choose to cover theft and damage from fire, or even more potential risks under a comprehensive policy.

Some insurers will also offer additional insurance extras such as breakdown cover, legal insurance, and personal accident cover. These will come at an additional cost though, so only choose the ones you need.

How much does 50cc insurance cost?

The price of your 50cc motorbike insurance policy will depend on a huge range of factors, from your age to your driving habits. However, 50cc bikes are generally thought to be among the cheapest vehicles to insure.

How can I get cheaper 50cc insurance?

You might be able to see a reduced premium for 50cc insurance if you get a full driving licence, make sure you’re keeping your mileage to a minimum, and invest in security measures for your bike or scooter.

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