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Compare 125cc bike insurance quotes and get cover for your versatile two-wheeler.

125cc bikes are some of the most popular on the market, with a huge range of models to choose from including roadsters, small capacity sports bikes, and scooters. They’re versatile and reliable, which makes them perfect for beginner or intermediate riders looking for something more powerful than a 50cc. Make sure you’re getting reliable insurance coverage too by comparing 125cc motorbike insurance quotes with The Bike Insurer.

What are 125cc bikes?

125cc bikes are a step up from 50cc bikes in terms of engine size, with 125 cubic centimetres of engine space. The 125cc category is extremely popular because it spans such a wide range of uses, from nippy scooters for getting around on to beginner sports bikes for more serious riding.

125cc models can usually reach top speeds of around 70-80mph, are fairly economical to run in comparison to larger engines, and, best of all, don’t even require you to have a full driving licence.

All you need to do to get on the roads on a 125cc motorbike is:

Insuring a 125cc bike

With a provisional licence

Just like with 50cc bikes, you don’t need a full driving licence to legally ride a 125cc bike on the road. You’ll still need a provisional licence, however, and you must have passed your CBT test (and continue to re-take it every two years).

This is perfect for beginners looking for a more powerful bike than what the 50cc category can offer. Conveniently, 125cc motorbike insurance is also relatively cheap in most cases, with the smaller engine size meaning that insurers see 125cc bikes as low risk.

Without a full driving licence, however, you won’t be able to ride on motorways, can’t carry pillion passengers, and will have to make sure you always display learner plates on your bike to stay road legal.

With a full driving licence

Even though you can ride a 125cc bike legally without ever getting a full driving licence, there are some advantages to getting full driver status.

Firstly, you’re likely to see a reduced premium as insurers deem fully qualified bikers as more experienced and less risky than provisional holders.

You’ll also lose all of the restrictions of riding without a full licence, meaning you can get onto motorways, carry passengers if your bike is built for it, and finally lose your L plates.


Do I need insurance for my 125cc motorbike?

Insurance is legally required for any vehicle that will be driving on the roads, including 125cc bikes. The minimum coverage required is for third party damage and injury only.

What does 125cc motorbike insurance cover?

Coverage included in a 125cc policy will depend on what you need. All insurance policies must cover third party damage and injury, but you can also choose to cover theft, fire, and more.

Additional insurance extras are also available from a range of brokers, meaning you can add on coverage for things such as breakdowns and legal costs.

How much is 125cc insurance?

Insurance for a 125cc bike is generally thought to be cheap, compared to more powerful bikes. However, as with any other type of insurance, the actual cost of your policy will depend on a huge range of factors including your age, driving history, and bike usage.

How can I make 125cc insurance cheaper?

There are some ways you can try to make your 125cc bike insurance cheaper, including only choosing the coverage level you need, reducing the amount of mileage you ride, and making sure your bike is able to be safely parked. Just make sure you don’t misrepresent any of your circumstances while comparing quotes, as your insurance could be invalidated.

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