Ten things we loved at the MCN London Bike Show

MCN’s annual London Motorcycle Show took place over the weekend with plenty for motorcycle fans to sink their teeth into.

While it’s the big manufacturers that tend to take pride of place in the event halls of the London Excel Centre, there are lots of interesting bikes and stalls dotted in between the sprawling displays of the big manufacturers.

We circled the show to find some of the most interesting bikes and features on display.

  1. Zona


Zona might not be a name you’re familiar with yet but it’s one you should definitely get to know.

The UK based firm has developed and built a head-up display unit that allows riders to see the road behind them through an eye display unit that utilises a rear view camera – think Google Glass.

We tried the demo models on the display – we even got a VR version to take home – and it worked really well.

However it’s likely to split opinion among riders because some might use it to replace lifesaver checks.

  1. Spegoni Special

We’re going to have to be a bit vague on this one because the Spegoni Special website isn’t working and the PR guy was busy when we wondered past, wide eyed and open mouthed.

But fundamentally, the Spegoni Special G800 ORO is one of the most stunning bikes we’ve ever seen.

It’s powered by a Kawasaki z800 engine, comes with Brembo M4 brakes and carbon fibre touches across the fuel tank; it’s beautiful and well worth looking up.

  1. RAF Police bike

Another bike we loved for its looks was the rare RAF Police bike on display at the Excel.

Where the Spegoni was beautiful for its Italian muscle, the RAF bike is a stunning symbol of British heritage.

It’s simple, pristine and the iconic RAF symbol gives it a weird MOD twist that’s probably more often seen on Lambrettas and Vespas.

  1. Norton Dominator SS

The Norton stand is stunning in general but we couldn’t help staring at the bizarre Dominator SS, complete with replica machine guns.

As you’d expect, a pair of sub machine guns at the front of a motorbike sold in the UK do not come as standard, this was the one used in Spectre, the most recent Bond film.

  1. Marvel helmets

OK, so superhero lids won’t appeal to everyone but we liked the HJC adorned Marvel helmets on display at the MCN London Show.

Spiderman and Iron Man were the standout characters for us. They’d both help you to stand out on the road too.

  1. Michelin’s Slide Display

No motorbike show is complete without at least one live display and the MCN London Show was no different.

This time, Australia took on the UK with John McGuinness and Troy Corser team captains.

It’s tough to get a decent spot to view however it’s not every day you get to see riding royalty going elbow to elbow up close.

  1. Police bike green screen

If you’ve ever seen a police bike fly past you on the motorway with the blues and twos on, you’ve probably thought how amazing it would be to get behind the handlebars and hammer it as the cars in front of you shift out of the way like the parting of the Red Sea.

Now, we’re not saying it’s the next best thing, but there was a police bike in front of a green screen, allowing any wannabe coppers the chance to jump behind the handlebars of a police bike and get a snap to take home.

  1. Brough Superior

Brough Superior makes an appearance at most motorcycle shows but this appearance was different.

The UK manufacturer’s display was brilliant with stunning versions of the SS100.

It’s a bike that’s out of most peoples’ price range – it costs £49,999 – but it’s always nice to dream.

  1. The Big Manufacturers

We did say that we weren’t going to mention the big manufacturers because they always take all the plaudits, however we couldn’t do a round up of the best bits of a bike show where the Ducati 1299 Superleggera is present, without mentioning the 1299 Ducati Superleggera.

It’s a stunning bike and while we could write pages and pages on how stunning it is, you may as well just look at the picture of it instead.

  1. MotoGP to sink your teeth into

We don’t remember the last motorcycle show we attended where one of Valentino Rossi’s bikes and Barry Sheene’s leathers or wheels were not present.

The MCN London motorcycle show was no different this time round either.

While frequent bike show visitors will be used to seeing The Doctor’s bikes and Sheene’s battered leathers, there’s still something about the Premier Class of racing that gets everyone hovering around the MotoGP displays.

It was also good to see KTM’s RC16 MotoGP machine on display too.