More than 31,000 motorcycle licences issued in 2015

Motorcyclist-taking-their-CBT-in-a-closed-environment-similar-to-module-1-of-all-motorcycle-tests31,425 motorcycle licences were issued in the UK last year thanks to a 71.15 per cent overall pass rate.

The UK motorcycle licence is a complicated beast, with four different types of licence and two modules within each test for riders to overcome.

Overall, 90,218 full tests were taken. Almost 50,000 riders took a Module 1 test, with 32,782 riders passing.

In the UK, to take Module 2 of the motorcycle practical test, you must pass Module 1 first.

More than 44,000 riders sat a Module 2 practical test but around 13,000 participants fell by the wayside.

AM Moped Licence

Just 25 people took Module 2 of the AM bike test, with only 13 riders passing, allowing them to ride mopeds with a speed range between 25km/h and 45km/h.

We once asked the point of the AM moped licence and the statistics show that lots of riders may agree.

A1 Motorcycle Licence

The A1 motorcycle licence allows holders aged 17 or over to ride a motorbike with a capacity of up to 125cc with a top speed of 14.6bhp.

In total, 1,000 riders received an A1 licence in 2015, despite 1,297 riders passing Module 1.

A2 Motorcycle Licence

The A2 motorcycle licence allows holders to ride bikes of any size however it cannot have a power-to-weight ration of anything more than 0.2kwh per kg.

In total, 8,391 A2 Module 2 tests were taken last year, with 6,415 riders passing the second module.

A Motorcycle Licence

The A motorcycle licence was the most popular in 2015, with a total of 42,029 Module 2 tests taken.

Of that number, 32,074 riders were successful and passed module two, allowing them to ride a bike of any size and any power.

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