The Best Motorcycle Road Trip Locations in The UK

Owning the right motorcycle gives you the freedom to go on long road trips, either by yourself or with other people, and letting your motorcycle take you wherever you want to go can create memories that will last a lifetime. For many people this is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a motorcycle.

If you are seeking a special place to ride your motorbike, we’ve produced a list of five routes that we think you shouldn’t miss if you are looking for a great biking experience.

North Coast 500 (NC500)

The North Coast 500, or the NC500 as it is more commonly known, is widely considered to be among the most stunning and photogenic drives in the entire United Kingdom. It is a road trip that is more than 500 miles long and travels most of the north shore of Scotland in a circular route.

The entire journey will take you a week or more if you want to do it properly, but it is well worth the time spent to enjoy yourself here because it has something for everyone. From beaches with white sand to mountains with rugged terrain and small villages, it is completely unmissable in our opinion.

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Lands End to John O Groats

One of the finest ways to view Great Britain is to go from Land's End to John o' Groats. This route takes travellers and riders from the most westerly and southerly point in the England, Lands End in Cornwall, all the way up to John o' Groats, on the north east coast of Scotland.

This journey is approximately 874 miles (1,407 kilometres) long, but let's face it there are lots of different ways to do it! If you want to travel at a slower pace, it will take around a week to complete, but it is well worth the time spent to enjoy yourself and stop at various points along the way. Alternatively, it is possible to complete it in a single day taking around 16 hours depending on the traffic and restroom breaks, but that's a long time in the saddle and we wouldn't recommend it!

Snake Pass, Peak District

Apart from having probably the coolest sound name of rides on our list, Snake Pass is a breathtaking route that is ideal for motorcyclists who take pleasure in navigating winding roads that contain a large number of long, sweeping turns. The route can be found in the portion of the Peak District area in the county of Derbyshire. It travels through a number of quaint villages and provides access to some breathtaking reservoirs and views along the way.

It is an exceptionally popular route for motorcyclists and cyclists due to the nature of the road, but along with that comes a more challenging ride. Weather conditions, particularly in the winter when the roads can be closed due to snowfall, and a high accident rate, mean that this one is probably more for the more experienced rider.

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The Atlantic Highway

This is a 70-mile road that leads from Barnstaple, North Devon all the way down into the depths of Cornwall, finishing at Newquay. This road is one of few that connects Cornwall to the rest of the country; with no motorways or highways after Exeter, it's 'A' roads that get you into the deepest parts of the country.

It's a shorter ride than most, taking just about 90 minutes but treats you to breathtaking views of the English coast and many beaches along the way, with many places to stop and get a drink and a scone. Just be careful which way you apply the jam and cream, this is very important in Devon and Cornwall!

Snowdonia to Anglesey

This one's short, at a mere 26 miles long, but it is certainly not a waste of time. It extends from the tallest peak in the region of Snowdonia all the way to the island of Anglesea, and it is full of places to see and things to do along the way.

You will have the opportunity to go to Eryri National Park before continuing on your journey to Anglesea, where you can stop for a photo with the famous place name sign of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllantysiliogogogoch.

As the cherry on top of the day, Anglesea features its own race track; hence, you might organise your holiday such that the track day serves as the final part.

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Tips for road trips

Because a lengthy journey on a motorcycle will be taxing on both the vehicle and on you as the rider, it is essential that both you and your motorcycle are well-prepared for the journey.

  1. Before you start your trip, you should make sure that all of the motorcycle's maintenance is done. This may include replacing the engine oil, spark plugs, and filters. In addition, the chain and sprockets may need to be replaced, cleaned, or tensioned to ensure that you do not experience any issues while you are on the road.

  2. Tyres have to meet the regulatory requirements for a minimum tread depth and be in good condition without any cuts or other damage that could cause punctures. Before embarking on the road trip, it is strongly recommended that you ensure that the tyre pressures are at the correct levels too.

  3. If you're more of a rider of motorbikes than a tinkerer of them, let a qualified mechanic do the maintenance. Tell them you're planning a long trip, where and when and they'll help you prepare as best you for the upcoming adventure.

  1. When you go on your journey, don't forget to pack a basic tool kit, some food and beverages, and anything to assist you in navigating your way, like a satellite navigation system. Stopping for snacks at relevant points to keep you alert and energised is recommended.

  2. Organising your trip is quite crucial, so make sure you know where you will be arriving each day, what amenities are offered there, and the path that you will take to guarantee that there are no issues along the way. Letting loved ones or friends know your itinerary is also a good idea, so you can check in with them along the way. A quick text message can bring a lot of peace of mind to people!

  3. Whatever and wherever your road trip takes you, make sure you've got your bike insurance in place. If you need a quote, we at The Bike Insurer are on-hand 24 hours a day to provide you with quotes from a range of insurance companies. Just click on 'Get Quote', fill in the form and see how much you can save!