Top 10 learner legal 125s

learner legal 125s - Featured image

Buying your first bike is a big deal.

First, there’s the price of the bike, then there’s the insurance and then there’s the road tax, all of which can result in a few hefty hits to your bank account.

What you don’t then want is to find out that you’ve bought a dud, or worse, a bike that you’re legally not allowed to ride – and that’s where this top ten comes in.

The world of motorbike licences and learner legal bikes is a complicated one, so we’ve pulled together a list of some of the best 125s to consider if you’re new to the road.

You can ride them with a CBT or an A1 Light Motorcycle Licence so a 125cc is likely to be your first port of call when you’re looking for your first bike.

We’re not saying this top ten is an exhaustive list and you might have different opinions of what deserves to be featured here. However these are some of the best bikes on offer in the 125 category, in no particular order.