The different types of motorcycle licence

There are five types of Motorbike Licence in the UK and they are: Full UK, Provisional UK, Moped, EU, International.

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Here we give you a brief overview of what each motorbike licence is.

Full UK

This is either a Category A1, A2 or Full Category A motorbike licence, depending on your age and stage of learning. It is valid in the UK.

Provisional UK

This is the licence you must apply for and hold before you are able to start learning to ride a motorbike. You can obtain it from age 17, once you have passed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).

With a provisional licence you are entitled to ride a motorbike up to 125cc (which is its engine capacity) with ‘L’ (Learner) plates. It is valid in the UK. The provisional licence is the same for both driving and riding and it has the same application process.

Moped (AM)

This licence entitles you to ride a moped. It is shown as an endorsement on your licence under ‘Category AM’.

What is a moped classed as?

A moped is a small motorcycle with an engine power no higher than 50cc. When you have completed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) you may ride a moped with L-Plates until your CBT expires. After that, you must complete a Theory Test and a two-part Practical Test to ride a moped without L-Plates.

EU Licence

This is a licence that entitles you to ride in all countries that are a member of the European Union.

International Licence

This is a licence that enables you to ride internationally.

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