Helmet & Leathers Cover

Arai Helmets on display at Motorcycle Expo with tinted visors
No motorbike rider can dispute the importance of leathers or helmets; they can be the difference between getting up from an accident or not.

Lots of research and development goes into making leathers and helmets to ensure that they do their job, but because of that, they’re very expensive too.

That’s why the add-on cost of helmet and leather cover is worth it; the last thing you want to do is fork out for a brand new helmet and leathers after a crash.

What’s included in Helmet and Leathers cover?

As mentioned, most standard motorcycle insurance policies do not cover your protective clothing, which means you require a separate form of cover.

Generally, this add-on will allow you to claim up to the value of £750-£1,000, but it very much depends on the add-on policy you go for.

As ever, the more you pay, the higher the amount you will be able claim as part of your Helmet and Leathers cover.

What’s not included?

All add-on policies vary slightly so it’s worth checking each one out before buying it however one thing is for sure, normal clothes will not be included as part of the cover.

Instead, Helmet and Leathers cover usually includes the following:

– Motorcycle clothing
– Motorcycle leathers
– Protective motorcycle clothing
– Riding boots
– Riding gloves
– Motorcycle Helmet

How can I get Helmet and Leathers cover?

You can get motorcycle Helmet and Leathers cover from The Bike Insurer’s insurer panel, which consists of some of the UK’s leading motorbike insurance brokers.

It’s an optional extra that most insurers on The Bike Insurer panel will be able to provide to you once you get transferred to them after getting a motorcycle insurance quote.

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“This is the second time I have used this site, each time I have taken up motorcycle insurance that was very reasonable and had great added extras. I tried other comparison web sites, but this came out best for me and my bike.”

Karen, September 2016

“Saved me a bucket full of cash. Well maybe not full but a fair bit. Suzuki GSF1250S Bandit, no no-claims, no car no-claims, less than a months experience since passing test. £275 fully comp with helment and leathers, legal expenses and breakdown cover!”

Louise, November 2015