What is laid up motorcycle insurance?

If you’re not going to ride your bike over the winter you could choose laid up motorcycle insurance to keep your bike covered and potentially save you money.

Laid up motorcycle insurance provides coverage against fire damage and theft while your bike is stored away. It can be used by bikers who don’t want to ride over the winter season when rain and snow can make it difficult or dangerous to be on the road, or perhaps because it’s their pride and joy and exposing it to all that muck, grime and salt on the winter roads is too much to bear!

While bikers will likely already have comprehensive, third party, fire & theft, or third party only insurance in place to ride on the roads, laid up motorbike insurance can be cheaper so can help reduce the cost of keeping your motorbike insured against damage while it’s not out and about.

It’s important to note that this type of insurance doesn’t cover you to ride on the road. It’s exclusively for bikes that are in storage. When you decide to get back on the saddle, you’ll need to get an insurance policy that provides third party insurance at the very least.

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What does laid up insurance cover?

Laid up bike insurance typically only covers fire damage and theft. That means that you could make a claim to cover the cost of repairs if your bike is damaged by fire, or the cost of replacement if it’s stolen from where it’s being stored.

Because laid up insurance is specifically for bikes that aren’t on the road, whether they’ve been declared off road with a SORN or not, the insurance doesn’t have to cover third party damages. This makes it a completely different thing to road insurance for bikes, where the minimum legal requirement is third party only coverage.

How much does laid up motorcycle insurance cost?

Since it doesn’t have to cover the risk of claims from third parties, or even the risk of first-party damages resulting from an accident caused by the policyholder, laid up insurance is generally cheaper than other policy types.

The price will still vary from person to person based on a number of factors including what type of bike you’re insuring and where it will be stored, but there are fewer factors involved than with road-legal insurance policies.

The alternatives to getting a laid up motorcycle insurance policy are:

Keep your regular road-worthy insurance and keep paying the same premium when you’re not riding

SORN your motorcycle, meaning you don’t need insurance but are unprotected against fire and theft

Get a short term insurance policy that keeps your bike covered

Getting laid up insurance with Bikesure

Laid up bike insurance is a specialist type of insurance, so we’ve partnered with the experts at Bikesure who offer tailored policies.

They insure many types of motorbikes, from regular road bikes to off-road rides. They’re even able to offer laid up insurance for bikes that aren’t road legal at all.

Whether you’re locking your bike up for winter or just taking a break from riding, get a quote for laid up motorbike insurance with Bikesure. Call them today on 0330 022 7857.