Laid Up Motorbike Insurance

Mopeds lined up in a garage - Moped insuranceIf you’re not going to ride your bike over the winter you could choose laid up motorcycle insurance to keep your bike covered and potentially save you money.

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What is Laid Up bike insurance?

Laid Up bike insurance provides Fire and Theft cover while your motorcycle is being stored.

For most bikers, winter is the time of year when your motorbike is hosed down, wrapped up and stored because conditions can be pretty grim to stay out on the road.

If you have Comprehensive cover when it’s in storage, you’re essentially paying for cover you don’t need, while a Third Party Only policy doesn’t protect you against Fire and Theft, and that’s where Laid Up insurance steps in.

It means you’re only paying for the level of cover you need while your motorcycle’s in storage, rather than the level of cover you need when you’re out on the road.

Can I get Laid Up bike insurance?

Laid Up bike insurance is available on any bike, regardless of age, and can last between six and 12 months.

That means you’re protected against Fire and Theft while you’re bike is stored away just remember, you can’t ride your motorbike with a Laid Up policy.

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