126-650cc Motorbike Insurance

Suzuki 125 waiting patiently in the on site area during a CBT
If you’re riding any two-wheeler with an engine size of between 126 and 650cc it means you’ve passed a motorcycle licence. So congratulations.

It also means you’ve got a lot more power between your legs than you’ve ever had before, which means that your motorcycle insurance is likely to be more expensive as well – especially given the fact that larger capacity bikes are usually more valuable, too.

What motorbikes fall between 126cc and 650cc?

If you’re looking for a motorbike with an engine capacity of between 126cc and 650cc then you’ve got a bit of work on your hands. Within this engine band there are hundreds if not thousands of motorbikes and scooters at your disposal.

From sporty 250ccs, imported Japanese 300ccs, all the way up to 650cc Supersports and maxi scooters, this engine band includes it all.

How much is 650cc motorbike insurance?

If you’re looking at anything over a 125cc then you’re clearly looking for a bit more power and you’re looking to move away from learner-legal bikes.

That has some repercussions for your motorcycle insurance premium because your new bike will (potentially) be more powerful and therefore deemed to be more of a risk to insure.

As well as the size of your motorbike, factors like age, riding experience and address also influence insurance quotes – so there’s no telling how much your insurance will jump by until you get a quote specific to you.

How can I get 650cc insurance quotes?

If you’re looking for insurance quotes for a 650cc motorbike then you’re in the right place.

The Bike Insurer compares prices from some of the UK’s leading motorcycle insurance brokers meaning you get some of the cheapest motorcycle insurance quotes available. If you decide to look elsewhere for your insurance quote (we don’t know why you would!), and find a cheaper quote online, we promise to beat it.

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“£100 to insure my 600cc super sport for one year 🙂 well chuffed with that. ”

Anonymous, October 2016

“Saved £400 on my first policy, and still have not found any quotes cheaper anywhere else, often no where near as cheap. Don’t usually write reviews but this is a good website”

Philip, August 2014