Over 1000cc Motorcycle Insurance

Honda RC213V-S a 1000cc plus motorbike
Motorbikes with a capacity of 1000cc and above are as big as it gets in the motorbike world.

They’re the bikes with the most power, the highest list prices and generally the highest insurance prices too.

Fortunately The Bike Insurer is the best place to look for the cheapest motorcycle insurance quotes, regardless of the size of your engine, but alas, a 1000cc+ behemoth will not be as cheap to insure as your old Vespa 50cc from your youth.

Different 1000cc motorbikes

1000cc motorbikes come in all different styles, from touring bikes to cruisers, supersport bikes to nakeds. Essentially, there’s lots of types of bikes in the engine band, from lots of different of manufacturers.

So whether you’re interested in owning the quickest bike on the road or a touring bike with enough grunt to get you across continents, there is plenty of choice in the 1000cc engine band.

Insurance for 1000cc+ motorcycles

It should come as no surprise to learn that the most powerful and expensive bikes are also the most expensive to insure. The reason they’re more expensive than smaller capacity bikes is because they’re deemed more of a risk to insure, which is understandable.

Fortunately, it’s not just list price and power that comes into consideration when calculating insurance for 1000cc+ bikes, with no claims bonuses and riding history also influencing quotes.

So just because you’re after a 1000cc+ bike, it doesn’t mean your insurance will be so expensive that it’s unaffordable.

How to get the cheapest 1000cc motorbike insurance

The Bike Insurer compares prices from the leading motorcycle insurance brokers in the UK, so we do the shopping around for you. That means you get the cheapest 1000cc insurance quotes without doing too much work.